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  1. In 2006, Song rose to fame for her role in Jumong ".
  2. Jumong eventually made it to Jolbon, where he married Soseono, daughter of its ruler.
  3. She gave her husband, Jumong, financial support in founding the new statelet, Goguryeo.
  4. An example is Hyeob-bo, who was among Jumong's first three followers.
  5. Jumong later ran away to Jolbon, or former Bukbuyeo, where he later established Goguryeo.
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  7. Jumong later fled to Jolbon Buyeo after numerous assassination attempts by the seven sons of King Geumwa.
  8. Jumong's given surname was " Hae " ( ), the name of the Buyeo rulers.
  9. The founder of the Buyeo kingdom was probably Dongmyeong, having no relations with Jumong who founded Goguryeo.
  10. Jumong sent a messenger and numerous gifts to King Geumwa in gratitude for King Geumwa's generosity.
  11. Eventually, Geumwa's sons became jealous of him, and Jumong was forced to leave Eastern Buyeo.
  12. Few details have been found in the historical record about Jumong, so much of the series is fictionalized.
  13. Its founder, Jumong, broke away from another ancient Korean kingdom called Dongbuyeo to start his own kingdom.
  14. When she was exposed to sunlight, Yuhwa gave birth to an egg, which later turned into Jumong.
  15. In modern Korea, Samjok-o is still found especially in dramas such as Jumong ( TV series ).
  16. In 19 BCE, Jumong's first wife Lady Ye, fled Eastern Buyeo with their son Yuri to Goguryeo.
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