julia alvarez in a sentence

  1. The much-praised Hispanic writers Sandra Cisneros, Julia Alvarez and Roberto G . Fernandez routinely drop Spanglish into their novels and poetry, believing it to be a legitimate, creative form of communication.
  2. Julia Alvarez reveals her youthful identification with Scheherazade _ an ambitious, clever storyteller, but still " a girl stuck in a kingdom that doesn't think females are very important ."
  3. "It was very difficult, " says Bergholz, who still represents Cisneros and who also struggled to find publishers for Ana Castillo and Julia Alvarez, both now best-selling writers.
  4. In the years since their deaths, the Mirabal sisters have been commemorated in poems, songs and books, including Julia Alvarez's 1994 novel " In the Time of the Butterflies ."
  5. Amy Bloom wrote a collection of intricately linked stories camouflaged as a novel, " Love Invents Us "; Julia Alvarez enjoyed a like-minded creative license in " Yo !"
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