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  • 项目分析
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  1. The design of the investigation questionnaire items , adhibiting multifactor under multifactor subordinatively measurement design in index for concept of the items , each item analyses to adhibit the likert measurement design of spss software
  2. Based on literature summary and opening inquiry investigation and adopted statistical technology of item analysis and factor analysis , this study formatted a questionnaire of middle school student ' s self - control ability with higher reliability and validity
  3. First applying physical education learning strategy pre - test measurement table on 372 university students , through the steps of exploratory element analysis and each individual table ' s item analysis , then the result showed the learning strategues were composed of five elements including " learning attitude " , " information processing " , " emotion control " , " time management " , and " exam preparation " , the formal measurement table was made up by 27 questions in total
  4. Taking managers in enterpri ; e as participants , this research has collected data via interviews , open questions , importance hierai : hical evaluation as well as close questionnaires of the behavior types and of hierarchica evaluativn . forecast analyses and item modification of the questionnaires have been conducted from vari < us angles in terms of factors analyses , test factors analyses , relationship analyses , diligence cst and item analyses to secure a high reliability and validity . then the law of inner factors and he functions on management performa

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