it was cold meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "it was cold" in a sentence
  • 虽然它很冰冷
  • it:     it2 pron. (s ...
  • cold:    adj. 1.冷,寒,冻;冰凉的。 ...
  • cold it is:    好冷啊!how
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  1. The spring was foul this year -- it was cold and wet for weeks .
  2. It was cold and hard, and like nothing else in his black universe .
  3. It was cold , raining , and , to crown it all , we had to walk home .
  4. After losing my job it was cold comfort to be told i had won the office raffle .
  5. By two in the morning, sir daniel sat in the room, close by the fireside, for it was cold at that hour among the fens of kettley .

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