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  1. NATO was assigned the NCB code ( 11 ) for its items as it was the next number available after the 00 to 10 block set aside for the United States'own use.
  2. VOKAL's catalog also allows users to search Listen Up Vermont ( http : / / www . listenupvermont . org ), a shared database of lendable Project Gutenberg Archive, and download its items.
  3. The game is often laid out so that Holmes, when entering a house, will be studying the foyer and its items in detail, deducing much about the inhabitants before being presented to them.
  4. House Speaker Newt Gingrich Wednesday embraced the Christian Coalition's conservative agenda, promising to bring all 10 of its items as legislation to a vote in the House before the end of the 104th Congress.
  5. Indeed, he and his executives have been scrambling to rebuild bridges with big retailers, many of which retaliated against Rubbermaid's price increases last year by relegating its items to bottom shelves or less-trafficked areas.
  6. It's difficult to find it item in a sentence.
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