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Pronunciation:   "it express" in a sentence
  • 资讯快报
  • it:     it2 pron. (s ...
  • express:    vt. 1.表示,表现,表达 〔cf ...
  • express as:    表示成, 以...表示
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  1. Send it express , please
  2. Send it express mail
  3. At last it expresses the supervision , decision and efficiency of risk management
  4. It expresses in all organs in the plant . but no its mrna was detected without hormones
  5. It does get into dna , but only when it expresses a particular enzyme called an integrase
    它确实会进入dna ,但只有当它表达一种特殊酶(称为连接酶)时才行。

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