island sun in a sentence

  1. The website of the " BVI Beacon " is ranked on SimilarWeb as only the 286th most popular website in the Territory, and the " Island Sun " is ranked 977th.
  2. These are garaged in several parts of the country, including Washington, D . C ., where the mobile center, according to Arkin, is code-named " Island Sun ."
  3. A bit later Mauritius Island Cruises also collapsed, and in 2005 " Island Sun " was sold to the Danish Clipper Group, and the vessel was chartered to an American company named Travel Dynamics International.
  4. In 2003 the ship's name was changed to " Sun ", and the year after, the vessel was bought by International Shipping, who renamed her " Island Sun ", and then she was chartered by Mauritius Island Cruises.
  5. She writes columns for " The Anna Maria Island Sun " and " Running Journal . " " She is a sought after trainer, coach and popular speaker for radio, TV and at conferences on how to eat well and stay fit on a budget ."
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  7. Record keeping during the early years of politics in the British Virgin Islands was poor; electoral records are incomplete, and there were no newspapers published in the Territory at the time ( the first newspaper in the British Virgin Islands, " The Island Sun ", was first published in 1962 ).
  8. The Universe Explorer, for example, was built for the South American cargo run and called the Brasil, then rechristened the Volendam, and then, in succession, Monarch Sun, Volendam again, Island Sun, Liberte, Canada Star, Queen of Bermuda, and Enchanted Seas, before assuming its current name.
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