island studios in a sentence

  1. The son of a friend of Bartholdi's, American artist John LaFarge, later maintained that Bartholdi made the first sketches for the statue during his U . S . visit at La Farge's Rhode Island studio.
  2. Originally control facilities were provided by Studio B's galleries but in the early 1990s a new presentation suite was built into spare space and provided an Island studio with its own full production / lighting / sound control gallery.
  3. Originally recorded at Headley Grange in 1971 by Island Studios, London, it was intended for " Led Zeppelin IV " but was held over and placed on " Physical Graffiti " to fill up the double album.
  4. The majority of the album was recorded in a week of sessions between 23 April and 7 June at Basing Street and Island Studios; further sessions from the 9th to the 18th of June were largely devoted to extensive mixing and overdubs.
  5. Known as "'" Four Sticks ( Alternate Mix ) " "', it was recorded on November 2, 1970, at Island Studios, No . 2, in London with engineer Andy Johns and assistant engineer Tony.
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