island studios in a sentence

  1. The band spent the winter recording their first full-length together at Machines With Magnets, a Providence, Rhode Island studio run by Keith Souza.
  2. He went on to convert old bonded warehouses in the east end of London into the successful film and television recording studio, Three Mills Island Studios.
  3. The album was produced and engineered by John Wood, and was recorded at Sound Techniques Studio and Island Studio, St Peter's Square, London.
  4. It was recorded at Island Studios in Hammersmith, London in the autumn of 1976 and produced by Ultravox ! and Steve Lillywhite with studio assistance from Brian Eno.
  5. His wife, Carrie, described his schedule : " My husband usually left for the Long Island Studios at 8 o'clock where he spent the morning.
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  7. So two years ago, the Long Island studio's four-person staff joined forces with small businesses across New York state that pool their buying power for health insurance.
  8. For one thing, it brings to mind Hans Namuth's famous photograph of Jackson Pollock, astride a canvas in his Long Island studio, pouring paint down a stick.
  9. So two years ago, the Long Island studio's four-person staff joined a purchasing pool and trimmed its monthly premium from about $ 1, 280 to $ 800.
  10. During the mixing sessions at Island Studios, Brian Eno was working on his album " Taking Tiger Mountain ( By Strategy ) " ( 1974 ) in the adjacent studio.
  11. The album was produced by Alan Stivell and Peter Rice for Keltia III . It was recorded by Frank Owen on the Island Mobile, and mixed by Howard Kilgour at Island Studios.
  12. Gabriel recorded his vocals at Island Studios, where the album was mixed over a series of shifts as the band struggled to complete the album in time of its November 1974 release date.
  13. When the band decided to use the song as a B-side for Everybody's Changing, they went into the old Island Studios in St Peter s Square to record vocals and real drums.
  14. Waller left the band shortly before they went in to Island Studios, to record the follow-up album " Anvil Chorus ", in January 1975, which was produced by Andy Johns.
  15. Tricky finished his duet version of " Milk " in New York's Platinum Island Studios; Garbage completed their own guitar-led version of " Milk " in Madison during a break in their world tour.
  16. While performing in " Girl Crazy " by night, she filmed " Young Man of Manhattan " in the daylight hours at Paramount's Long Island studio, playing second female lead to Claudette Colbert.
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