island studios in a sentence

  1. They planned their setlist at the Connaught Hotel in London, followed by three days of rehearsals at Black Island Studios.
  2. In 1919, Wilfred constructed the Clavilux Model A in his Long Island studio ( located on the Brice estate ).
  3. In June 2009, with funding from Aryan Bros ., Reddy and Bhattacharjee established production company Seven Island Studios Pvt.
  4. Brown co-founded Ten Ton Studios with several other comic book artists in 2004 and Hypothetical Island Studios in 2010.
  5. "Another Green World " was recorded at Island Studios in London during the months of July and August 1975.
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  7. Her island studio is preserved as part of the 蝜e-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Perc?National Park.
  8. Winwood's group Traffic were working on " John Barleycorn Must Die " at Island Studios at the same time.
  9. At 4 a . m . the same day, a levee on the Skagit River broke, flooding his Fir Island studio.
  10. The band recorded the album at his Long Island studio in multiple sessions between the summer of 2014 and the summer of 2015.
  11. The album was recorded in a series of after-hour sessions at a Staten Island studio with childhood friend and producer Adam Reich.
  12. Principal Photography took place in a single day on August, 2012 at Green Screen set at Black Island Studios in North Acton, London.
  13. Their debut CD, " Her Father's Son, " was recorded at Coney Island Studios in 2002, with engineer Wendy Schneider.
  14. He has no particular wish to go anywhere other than his Manhattan and Long Island studios, which he calls " my playpen ."
  15. Cumia stated that this new location would be the primary studio going forward, with some broadcasts from the original Long Island studio on special occasions.
  16. "Selling England by the Pound " was recorded at Island Studios in August 1973, the second Genesis album that Burns co-produced.
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