island structure in a sentence

  1. The island structure will also be modified to free up more room on the flight deck to accommodate maintenance of V-22s, compensating for some of the lost aircraft hangar space.
  2. Later that day, " Lexington " was introduced to the " kamikaze " as a flaming Japanese aircraft crashed near her island, destroying most of the island structure and spraying fire in all directions.
  3. At that time there was a shallow sea in this region that was bounded in the north by the Old Red Continent and in the south by the island structures of the Central German Uplands.
  4. This inner harbor was circular and surrounded by an outer ring of structures divided into a series of docking bays for ship maintenance, along with an island structure at its centre that also housed navy ships.
  5. And lastly, a futuristic jet fighter Mark pilots was stored in the top rear section of the Phoenix command island structure, and which used its tail fin to make up the center tail fin of the Phoenix.
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  7. During operations on 17 October, a fighter plane made a very hard landing and inadvertently fired its machine guns into the ship's island structure, killing two men and wounding 24, including her commanding officer, and causing considerable damage to radar.
  8. The evaluation also highlights the university's serious shortcomings " " while it is undoubtedly the case that all universities are handicapped by the effects of this State interference, the impact at the University of the Aegean is particularly great because of its multi-island structure.
  9. The third elevated center-island structure that exists today was opened north of the former location on February 7, 1933, and although the wye was removed as part of the reconstruction, it remained on many maps well into the late-20th Century, and continues to be shown on some in the present.
  10. This theory ( as noted ) lacks recognized documentation other than that which is folkloric in nature, involves the French navy, which ( during the Revolution ) had an uncertain level of authority, and would place the construction of the Oak Island structure very close to its alleged initial discovery by Daniel McGinnis in 1795.
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