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  • 若是元胞则为真
  • cell:    n. 1.小室,单室;隔间,舱;〔诗 ...
  • a cell:    a细胞, α细胞
  • cell, the:    疑魂追凶,又名:入侵脑细胞或迷幻追凶
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  1. Why are cell phones so popular , especially among teenagers
  2. There are as many functions in this array as there are cells in each table row
  3. Cancer stem cells are cells that regenerate , the kind that cause cancer to come back after treatment
  4. If cell a is compromised , so is cell b . but , what are the implications for cell a
  5. One key to advanced life is cell division . cells divide millions of times every day to sustain the life and growth of a single human

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