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  1. The Life industry was forced to reissue its product range to comply with the Insurance Act 2000.
  2. On February 24, 2010, Lamrock introduced the Insurance Act to the New Brunswick Legislature for first reading.
  3. This bill was entitled the Multiple-Peril Insurance Act and was sponsored by Representative Gene Taylor of Mississippi.
  4. A change in the Insurance Act requires a passage of the bill in both houses of Parliament.
  5. Morant promoted and largely drafted " National Insurance Act 1913 ", correcting problems in the previous Act.
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  7. The insurance act also guarantees coverage to anyone leaving one group plan for another, whatever his pre-existing conditions.
  8. DIAS was introduced to further improve the quality of Diagnostic Imaging and to amend the Health Insurance Act.
  9. High unemployment in the developed world does not often mean desperation, since social insurance acts as a buffer.
  10. He introduced the Family Allowances Act 1945, a new Industrial Injuries Act, and the National Insurance Act 1948.
  11. The role and functions of the office are contained in Sections 230-256 of the Private Health Insurance Act.
  12. The National Insurance Act of 1920 brought an additional 8 million workers into the scope of the scheme.
  13. As Home Secretary he continued these reforms with the National Insurance Act 1911, providing sickness and unemployment benefits.
  14. A number of states and the Federal government have enacted statutes providing for the trust and insurance acts.
  15. His theory proposes that private health insurance acts as an income transfer between the sick and the healthy.
  16. The committee did gain jurisdiction over veterans benefits when it successfully passed the War Risk Insurance Act of 1917.
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