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  1. In 1989, the Insurance Act of 1943 was repealed.
  2. In 1911, Washington state passed the " grand compromise " of the Industrial Insurance Act.
  3. And the amendment to the Insurance Act willmake it more attractive for the insurance business.
  4. Podiatric surgeons are included within both the Health Insurance Act and the National Health Act.
  5. This was created by the Employees'State Insurance Act 1948.
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  7. The bill will be called ` The Individual Retirement Account Insurance Act .'Something such ."
  8. The Unemployment Insurance Act 1923 allowed LEAs to cover juveniles in an unemployment insurance scheme.
  9. It was introduced in the National Insurance Act 1970.
  10. After the Second World War, the National Insurance Act 1946 completed universal coverage of social security.
  11. Liberal government in the 1911 National Insurance Act.
  12. The National Insurance Act also provided maternity benefits.
  13. Australian Medicare originated with Health Insurance Act 1973.
  14. Among these he includes minimum wage laws, employers liability laws, the Insurance Act, and compulsory arbitration.
  15. For example, the RBI Act and the Insurance Act are of 1934 and 1938 vintage respectively.
  16. He then accepted a post chairing the Commission to implement the " National Insurance Act 1911 ".
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