industry analysts in a sentence

"industry analysts" in Chinese  
  1. Industry analysts Monday said the deal would probably survive both reviews.
  2. Industry analysts give high marks to Carvel's growth plans.
  3. Industry analysts who have seen Pixel's software are impressed.
  4. Industry analysts say it could fetch $ 250 million and upwards.
  5. Industry analysts say it is still tiny compared with the investment.
  6. It's difficult to find industry analysts in a sentence.
  7. Nonetheless, chemical-industry analysts seemed pleased with the deal.
  8. Industry analysts say downtown is in the midst of a renaissance.
  9. Anderson told industry analysts and reporters in an early morning briefing.
  10. And some industry analysts question the company's financial model.
  11. Its stock is also well worth buying, industry analysts say.
  12. Now industry analysts expect those job cuts to be even deeper.
  13. Industry analysts seemed puzzled by the aggressiveness of the beer investigation.
  14. Traders and oil industry analysts said confusion remained in the market.
  15. But for now, industry analysts are skeptical about their odds.
  16. Industry analysts who closely follow Boeing also were caught off guard.
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