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  • 产业分析
  • 六、公司主营业务的行业分析
  • 行业及市场分析
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  1. On the other hand , the method of multivariate linear regression analysis is used to deduce the relevant matrix between element analysis and of industry analysis coal . then a new calculation model of boiler efficiency by use of industry analysis data is established
  2. Based on a brief introduction to the produce process of the industry sulfuric acid , selection and application of industry analysis method in practice are discussed in order to improve comprehensive profession ability , post suit ability and subsequence develop ability of students
  3. One of the most important tasks of industry analysis is to discover the industry with the best investment potential and then make investment allocations that follow in the direction of - the industries with the largest potentials that can theoretically obtain larger gains on investments for investors
  4. Lots of research and industry analysis show the fact that building and keeping customer relation is the only and most important base for competition advantage . and it " s also the direct result of the innovation of traditional business model , caused by new economy in our society
  5. There are five chapters in this thesis . the first chapter is introduction , the second chapter is industry analysis , the third chapter is objective marketing and core demand analysis , the fouth chapter is product characteristic analysis , the last chapter is marketing strategy analysis

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