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  1. Oswald Pohl, the head of the WVHA ) was also the chief officer of DWB . Georg L鰎ner, another high WVHA official, was another incorporator.
  2. Records show the plane was leased by One Leasing Inc ., and papers listed AAS Inc . of Hampton, Georgia, as the incorporator for One Leasing.
  3. The principal incorporator was David Eccles, a capitalist of Ogden City, Utah, interested in the Oregon Lumber Company, which operates sawmills at Dee, Oreg.
  4. A charter was granted to the Saugus Racing Association, Inc . by the Secretary of State's Office in January 1935 with Mullen listed as an incorporator.
  5. Although seven incorporators were required as recently as the 1980s, a K . K . now only needs one incorporator, which may be an individual or a corporation.
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  7. She practices law in Shelton and serves on the board of directors of Griffin Hospital and is an incorporator of the Birmingham Group, a water utility .-->
  8. The company provides incorporation, corporate documentation solutions along with entity support services and was the top-ranked Delaware Incorporator on the 2007 " Delaware Business Ledger"
  9. The principal incorporator was William G . Henshaw, of Oakland, Calif . Henshaw was the sole owner of the Crescent City Railway Company, the predecessor of the carrier.
  10. The Philippine consignee, Everclean Chemicals Technology Philippines Inc ., of which Bjorland is an incorporator, is said to be engaged in chemical and wastewater cleaning, treatment and recycling.
  11. He was then an incorporator, and a founding board member, of Camp Quest, Inc ., a national non-profit corporation established in 2002 to operate Camp Quest.
  12. When the company was founded in 1867, Crerar was an incorporator and a member of the board of directors, in which capacity he would serve for twenty-two years.
  13. The principal incorporator was T . A . Schomburg, president of the Continental Tie and Lumber Company, which purchased the standing timber on lands of the Maxwell Land Grant Company.
  14. The principal incorporator was J . Ross Clark, acting as trustee for William A . Clark, who controls the carrier through the ownership of substantially all of its capital stock.
  15. He was an incorporator of the first English Company, and helped finance Sir Hugh Willoughby's attempt to find a Northeast Passage in 1553, which would end in disaster.
  16. Garofano was also an incorporator of the Saugus Trust Company, a Saugus, Massachusetts-based Trust company that existed from 1928 until it was purchased by Eastern Bank in 1994.
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