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  1. His business interests included the Albany City Bank, of which Pruyn was an incorporator and the longtime Vice President.
  2. Williams was an original incorporator of the Vermont Medical College and served for many years as dean of the faculty.
  3. Bennett was a trustee of the Boston Five Cent Savings Bank and an incorporator and director of the Saugus Trust Company.
  4. Montgomery continued to be interested in colonial ventures under Charles I . He was an incorporator of the Guiana Company in 1626.
  5. Mr . Deland was an incorporator of the H, MC, L & E and owned property at the junction point.
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  7. In 1874, Powell was an original incorporator of the Richford Savings Bank & Trust Company, and was named its President.
  8. In 1885 Dwinell was an original incorporator of the Vermont office of the Farmers'Trust Company, and was chosen its President.
  9. Flournoy served as an incorporator of the New Homes Corporation of Charleston in 1931 and was later president of the Mortgage Exchange Corporation.
  10. During this time he became an incorporator and first chair of the Appalachian Studies Conference ( now known as the Appalachian Studies Association ).
  11. At Yale, where he teaches Berkeley College, an incorporator of the Elizabethan Club, and a fellow of the International Center for Finance.
  12. Also in 1820, Van Rensselaer was an incorporator of the Albany Savings Bank, and was elected to serve as the bank's president.
  13. While practicing law in Vermont Robb was also involved in business and banking, and was an incorporator and officer of the Bellows Falls Trust Company.
  14. Records show the plane was leased by One Leasing Inc . Incorporation papers listed AAS Inc . of Hampton, Georgia, as the incorporator for One Leasing.
  15. Capital must be received in a commercial bank account designated by the incorporator ( s ), and the bank must provide certification that payment has been made.
  16. "' Minnie B . Smith "'was an incorporator of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the first sorority founded by African-American women.
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