include member meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "include member" in a sentence
  • 可包括成员
  • 内含成员
  • include:    vt. (opp. exclude) ...
  • member:    n. 1.(团体的)一分子,成员;会 ...
  • include…in:    把…列在…里面
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  1. It includes members for retrieving and creating all other xml objects
  2. All users including members of registered member clubs are required to pay the centre usage fee
  3. Membership application form - includes member s personal details , particulars of nominees and witnesses , etc
  4. Withdrawal of membership application form - includes member s personal details , reason and date of withdrawal , etc
  5. Judges include members of the media , advertising executives , site designers , content providers and webmasters

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