in white meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in white" in a sentence
  • 穿着白色衣服
  • white:    adj. 1.白(色)的,雪白的;白 ...
  • in the white:    在一片雪白中
  • white:    n. 怀特〔姓氏〕。 adj. 1. ...
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  1. Today, she was dressed smartly in white linen slacks and a blue silk blouse .
  2. It is wrapped in white paper and sealed with a dab of red sealing-wax by a clever chemist .
  3. She made a purple coat and put it around her scarecrow and dressed it in white silk stockings .
  4. The soldier in white was more like a stuffed and sterilized mummy than a real nice guy .
  5. The lady in white taught aqiao how to reel the shining silk from these cocoons and how to dye the silk different colors .

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