in wet condition in a sentence

"in wet condition" in Chinese  
  1. In wet conditions they are even less effective.
  2. There is a good chance of rain and Schumacher is a master driver in wet conditions.
  3. Crashes out early in wet conditions at Bathurst.
  4. Green said he felt that in wet conditions " every hole was about 20 yards longer ."
  5. This allows setting in wet condition or underwater and further protects the hardened material from chemical attack.
  6. It's difficult to find in wet condition in a sentence.
  7. On a sloping pitch in wet conditions, a tiny changing room for them to get prepared in.
  8. The first free practice session on Saturday morning took place in wet conditions with Huff going fastest.
  9. Care should be taken in wet conditions.
  10. She didn't realize that when you hit the ball in wet conditions, you lose about 10 yards.
  11. This species hunts at an average height of during the breeding season, but lower in wet conditions.
  12. The tunnel was steeply graded and damp, and in wet conditions trains were known to lose traction.
  13. The weather was important because the matchlock muskets of the day would not work in wet conditions.
  14. In wet conditions in Malaysia he finished 12th, after having been first to switch to slick tyres.
  15. The race was in wet conditions and R鋓kk鰊en stayed third at the first corner behind Hamilton and Kovalainen.
  16. He had trouble in wet conditions the last two races, sliding out by the fifth lap in both.
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