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  1. Schumacher is acknowledged as a superior driver in wet conditions.
  2. The Bulldogs, coached by Chris Anderson, have been outstanding in wet conditions in recent weeks.
  3. The sprint race started in wet conditions but dried out, so tyre changes were necessary.
  4. Older non-electronic fuel injection diesels were well known for their reliability especially in wet conditions.
  5. Using his skill in wet conditions, Senna managed to pull away and build a lead.
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  7. In wet conditions, twisted mulberry root was occasionally used.
  8. -- 1996-2000 Audi A4; 32 reports of malfunctioning brakes in wet conditions, including one crash.
  9. Bald tires can cause drivers to lose traction, particularly in wet conditions, frozen or not.
  10. The bus skidded off the road in wet conditions due to heavy rain, he said.
  11. Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, who led Friday's practices in wet conditions, understood the situation.
  12. L髉ez was quickest once again in free practice two which was also held in wet conditions.
  13. Showers are forecast for Sunday and Schumacher is a master of dare-devil driving in wet conditions.
  14. And the wearing of military boots, often in wet conditions, creates the foot odor, he said.
  15. The sprint race was held in wet conditions as well and won by polesitter Davide Valsecchi.
  16. England lost the 2011 final in wet conditions against Ireland, who took out their first title.
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