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  1. After four years in wedlock, Alexander Sharapov's love for his wife is stronger than ever and he declares it all over Moscow _ on billboards.
  2. Sheikh Safi al-Din, in turn, gave a daughter from a previous marriage in wedlock to Shaikh Zahed Gilani's second-born son.
  3. Today, two people making $ 100, 000 each have to pay up to an additional $ 10, 000 a year just to have children in wedlock.
  4. After five years in wedlock, Alexander Sharapov's love for his wife Svetlana is stronger than ever and he declares it all over Moscow _ on billboards.
  5. Finally the King of Tiruchi, from whom Narasappan had sought assistance, declares that Veeran and Bommi are not guilty of any crime and sanctifies their union in wedlock.
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  7. The Constitutional Court ruled that twins born to a lesbian couple by means of artificial insemination held the same status as children born in wedlock, the South African Press Association reported.
  8. They should be chaste, not lustful, nor taking paramours : when they are taken in wedlock, if they fall into shame, their punishment is half that for free women.
  9. H鲳r returns home, recounts to King Gevar that he had lost his path and been tricked by the forest maidens, and immediately asks King Gevar for his daughter Nanna's hand in wedlock.
  10. K . C ., as the school became known, admitted any boy, black or not, born in wedlock or not, who could satisfy the entrance requirements and pay the affordable fees.
  11. The rules for admission to the orphanages were changed on 14 March 1901 so that, from 1 August 1901, destitute children, born in wedlock, who had lost only one parent would be admitted.
  12. In his final sermon on 19 April 1896, he claimed that " While in Berlin, I have baptized 1838 children, united in wedlock 1526 couples, confirmed 1980 school-children, and buried 1709 dead.
  13. "It's really tragic how women are unable to negotiate their own protection in wedlock or outside it, " said Jihane Tawilah, the World Health Organization's regional adviser on sexually transmitted diseases.
  14. The eldest son of a baronet who is born in wedlock succeeds to a baronetcy upon his father's death, but will not be officially recognised until his name is recognised by being placed on the Official Roll.
  15. Speaking on behalf of the League in an 1887 address to the Evangelical Alliance Conference, Samuel Dike described the ideal family as having " one man and one woman, united in wedlock, together with their children ".
  16. So far this month 33 couples, of which one or both are U . S . soldiers, have been united in wedlock by Bov registrar Connie Hansen _ more than four times the normal rate of eight military couples.
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