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  1. On the 29th day of August 1776 they were joined in wedlock.
  2. Sikhs are joined in wedlock through the " anand kraj " ceremony.
  3. Sheikh Zahed Gilani also gave his daughter Bibi Fatemeh in wedlock to his favorite disciple.
  4. It is no slight boon that in wedlock fornication and unchastity are checked and eliminated.
  5. Little lock is left in wedlock.
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  7. Beginning Jan . 1, ministers must undergo criminal background checks to legally bind couples in wedlock.
  8. They crowned him in 2008 because he was born in wedlock of Munjuku and his wife Aletta.
  9. She even told Sarah to get married right away so the baby could be brought up in wedlock.
  10. Conventional wisdom holds that when a woman and man join in wedlock, a period of adjustment is necessary.
  11. When she died he took in wedlock for the third time a woman of Lombard birth, Laura Magiolini.
  12. There was one child born in wedlock in Provincetown last year ( no one is sure how many others were born ).
  13. The novel emphasizes the need of implicit confidence and trust, if two persons united in wedlock are to live happily together.
  14. These days, it won't land you in wedlock, but you might end up with more than you bargained for.
  15. So many babies born out of wedlock to famous stars out there, he wondered if anybody in Los Angeles ever got born in wedlock.
  16. "Keeping the Lock in Wedlock : A Critical Analysis of the Doctrine of Dr . James D . Bales on Divorce and Remarriage ".
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