in way in a sentence

"in way" in Chinese  
  1. We try to articulate them in ways a woman can understand.
  2. It affected me then in ways it doesn't now.
  3. "Blat " operates in ways large and small.
  4. Is her spirit resurfacing in ways she can't fathom?
  5. Their wishes come true _ in ways that will surprise you.
  6. It's difficult to find in way in a sentence.
  7. Bypasses were also improved in ways that made them more expensive.
  8. Both parties present the figures in ways that advance their agendas.
  9. It does this in ways that veer from simplistic to complex.
  10. The culture is changing, changing in ways we never imagined.
  11. Both are propulsive in ways that few studio films ever were.
  12. You have to get market share in way that maintains profitability.
  13. It was, though not in ways I would have predicted.
  14. The town got it, in ways no one had expected.
  15. It was, though, in ways too baffling to believe.
  16. They're now paying for it in ways few envisioned.
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