in wave in a sentence

"in wave" in Chinese  
  1. Nurses were laid off in waves in the mid-' 90s.
  2. Particles don't appear as dots or bumps in wave functions.
  3. It operates in waves, but may leave behind relic forms.
  4. Notice how it shows that their legs move in waves.
  5. Wake waves on wave in wave striped White Throat song
  6. It's difficult to find in wave in a sentence.
  7. Washington will throw players at the Lady Bears in waves.
  8. New pain comes in waves with developments in the case.
  9. They came in waves, practically a cavalry of white shirts.
  10. The fans came in waves, dressed in their Cowboys memorabilia.
  11. Russians have continued to come to New York in waves.
  12. He was recently a radio personality in Wave 94.7.
  13. The layoff announcements seemed to be coming in waves.
  14. The drug's availability in Kansas City comes in waves.
  15. On the street, enforcement tends to come in waves.
  16. But they have never arrived in waves like this.
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