in wave in a sentence

"in wave" in Chinese  
  1. Seconds later, she said, the man barged in waving the gun.
  2. The Harlequin moves at a very slow pace and in waves.
  3. They are big, strong and they come at you in waves.
  4. Eddie Murray asked for the chant, and it came in waves.
  5. Michael Westbrook, receiver, Washington : The comparisons have come in waves.
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  7. Then when they saw she was willing, they came in waves.
  8. The jets took off in waves from the carrier deck throughout the night.
  9. Smaller radiation concentrations followed in waves mimicking the initial base surge.
  10. The enemy attacked in waves of lines of 200 300 men.
  11. The birds came in waves, and the barrage of shooting began.
  12. Allied's troubles have come in waves since the late 1990s.
  13. They came in waves, bringing flowers and cards and hope.
  14. They pass above me in waves, submerging me in song.
  15. No longer will the Gators come at opponents in waves.
  16. A . The technology industry moves in waves of change.
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