in wave in a sentence

"in wave" in Chinese  
  1. With a higher payload the outward bend provides smoother performance in waves.
  2. Our history is marked by evangelical religious movements in wave after wave.
  3. Why not pour in waves of reinforcements to beat this insidious enemy?
  4. Trick or treaters come in waves, and the greedy arrive first.
  5. Other data will be released in waves in the months and years following.
  6. It's difficult to find in wave in a sentence.
  7. Potential jurors arrived in waves at the Eagle County Justice Center
  8. That night the Japanese attack in waves against the Australian positions.
  9. No, because what they do is come at you in waves,
  10. The cranes continued to come in waves, but many stayed high.
  11. Worker anger has spilled out in waves of unrest this year.
  12. It seems that in wave propagation, frequency is the only invariant.
  13. The Czechs marched in waving American flags along with their own.
  14. He added that the issue of morality among voters also develops in waves.
  15. They increased their chances with an attack that came in waves.
  16. There are a host of other reasons insiders trade their stock in waves.
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