in the west of in a sentence

"in the west of" in Chinese  
  1. He also preached with John Nelson Darby in the West of Ireland.
  2. Cole Farah Izeh and Lure area in the west of Andimeshk County.
  3. This implies that the Chattuari lived somewhere in the west of Westphalia.
  4. He is buried in Corstorphine churchyard in the west of the city.
  5. Penwortham Priory was built in the west of the town.
  6. It's difficult to find in the west of in a sentence.
  7. The Narayani River flows north to south in the west of Bharatpur.
  8. Virender Nagar is a cosmopolitan colony located in the West of Delhi.
  9. The village of Papplewick is located in the west of the parish.
  10. It was the largest army ever seen in the west of Ireland.
  11. The school is based in Nantes, in the west of France.
  12. It is frequently encountered in the west of the state.
  13. In the west of Buchenbach, the Bundesstrasse B31 ( Breisach Thurner.
  14. The members were almost exclusively in the west of Canada.
  15. Isakhel is an important town located in the west of Mianwali District.
  16. It is located in the west of Hai Phong city.
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