in the weather in a sentence

"in the weather" in Chinese  
  1. They now love to go outside in the weather.
  2. Much of what got me interested in the weather is the dynamic character.
  3. The odd turnaround in the weather just might continue.
  4. We were lucky with the change in the weather.
  5. Even more improvement in the weather was likely Tuesday.
  6. It's difficult to find in the weather in a sentence.
  7. Weather experts said there was no improvement in the weather immediately in sight.
  8. There will be no let up in the weather.
  9. Little change in the weather pattern is expected on Monday . ( es)
  10. Their main interest is in the weather and they collectively own a barometer.
  11. Another type of structure is called Quanto in the weather / energy markets.
  12. We manually type in the weather and then hit send on the hour.
  13. There is a chance of humidity in the weather.
  14. And then factor in the weather, rude people, crime and high taxes.
  15. Poor weak creatures, we are so manipulated by a shift in the weather.
  16. It's the change in the weather.
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