in the weather in a sentence

"in the weather" in Chinese  
  1. Find the tide chart in the weather section of your local newspaper.
  2. A break in the weather is coming _ but not for long.
  3. "I'd like to see a change in the weather.
  4. Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather.
  5. The dog warns the snowman of an imminent change in the weather.
  6. It's difficult to find in the weather in a sentence.
  7. Additionally, certain sync issues most notably inaccuracies in the weather tile.
  8. Despite the turn in the weather, attrition continued to be a factor.
  9. It usually happens with the change in the weather,
  10. What we need is a break in the weather.
  11. There is no rain in the weather forecast for the region this week.
  12. On Wall Street, that day marked an unexpected improvement in the weather.
  13. The great unknowns are wrapped up in the weather.
  14. Might have been a horrendous turn in the weather.
  15. He does have such an interest in the weather.
  16. Something as subtle as a change in the weather can stir the memories.
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