in the water in a sentence

"in the water" in Chinese  
  1. And the elephants go to drink and roughhouse in the water.
  2. It could even be a pinhole leak in the water pipe.
  3. But rescue officials later found the man dead in the water.
  4. Police found two hacksaw blades in the water near the statue.
  5. He decided to dive in the water but overestimated the depth.
  6. It's difficult to find in the water in a sentence.
  7. Maybe they need to start putting Viagra in the water coolers.
  8. Then the animals went in the water and they got stuck.
  9. We look for strange little globes floating in the water ."
  10. You need to knock one in the water here pretty soon,
  11. All I saw was something in the water next to me.
  12. It was unclear how long they had been in the water.
  13. The bodies appeared to have been in the water some time.
  14. There was no line in the water and no cheering mermaids.
  15. I take off my shoes and just jump in the water.
  16. I maintain that she deliberately threw the baby in the water,
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