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  1. For example, Lem notices that Kafka's " In the Penal Colony " immediately brings associations with Nazi death camps in modern reader's mind, although in 1914 Kafka could not have been describing these camps.
  2. For " In the Penal Colony, " a collection of steel nibs has been mounted between Plexiglass to stand, all too literally, for Kafka's harrow, the machine that punished criminals by inscribing the rule they violated on their back.
  3. Among Edelstein's notable contributions to Seattle were " The Syringa Tree, " which has since become a success in New York, and " In the Penal Colony, " a new opera by Philip Glass, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis.
  4. Serafini has also worked as a book illustrator, including an edition of Franz Kafka's story " In the Penal Colony " and a 1988 book entitled " Etimologiario " by Maria Sebregondi in the style similar to the " Pulcinellopedia ".
  5. Steinberg is reminded of Franz Kafka's short story " In the Penal Colony ", in which sentence of execution is inscribed on the victim's back, and describes the image as combining the innocence of the mermaid of Copenhagen with violent narrative.
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  7. During the period of the correspondence Kafka and Bauer were engaged twice, and Kafka produced some of his most famous works, including " The Metamorphosis ", " In the Penal Colony ", and his first attempts at writing " The Trial ".
  8. Because he writes so prolifically for companies elsewhere _ " In the Penal Colony, " first given in Seattle last year, is his 17th opera, by one count _ there is a growing backlog of works that have not been heard in New York or recorded.
  9. Another hypothesis related by the elders of the archipelago tells that the "'salako "'would have made its appearance with the arrival of Indo-Chinese Annameses deported in the penal colonies of " les Saintes " in 1873, for rebellion to France.
  10. Another possibility is " In the Penal Colony, " a new music-theater piece by Philip Glass, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis, with scenery by John Conklin and lighting by Jennifer Tipton _ what Edelstein calls a " dream team of the avant-garde theater ."
  11. The hero opens a portal to Jharkendar with the help of the Water Mages, and after getting there, discovers what threatens the island : Raven, a former ore baron in the Penal Colony who has sold his soul to Beliar, the god of darkness, and is hungry for power.
  12. The "'New South Wales Marine Corps "'( 1786 1791 ) was an ad hoc volunteer unit that the British Royal Navy created to guard the convicts aboard the First Fleet to Australia, and to preserve " subordination and regularity " in the penal colony in New South Wales.
  13. In the Falls Theater, Aug . 26 through Oct . 1, the world premiere of " In the Penal Colony, " a new opera theater work by Philip Glass; libretto by Rudolph Wurlitzer, based on the story by Franz Kafka; directed by JoAnne Akalaitis and conducted by Alan Johnson.
  14. `Abdu'l-Bah?soon became very popular in the penal colony and Myron Henry Phelps a wealthy New York lawyer described how " a crowd of human beings . . . Syrians, Arabs, Ethiopians, and many others ", all waited to talk and receive ` Abdu'l-Bah?
  15. Critics have suggested that the movie indirectly references the work of writers Dante Alighieri ( through the use of " Divine Comedy " imagery ) and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( through the presence of The Castle " and " In the Penal Colony ", but I've never read them ."
  16. "' Shoja Azari "'is an Iranian-born visual artist and filmmaker based in New York City, known for K ( 2002 ) based on 3 of Franz Kafka's short stories ( " The Married Couple, " " In the Penal Colony " and " A Fratricide " ).
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