in the penal colony in a sentence

  1. Ian Curtis of the band Joy Division was inspired by " In the Penal Colony " to write the song " Colony " from the album " Closer ".
  2. In New South Wales, Aubrey, Maturin and Martin are shocked at life in the penal colony under Governor Macquarie, no better than it was after the " Rum Rebellion ".
  3. Maggs dreams of the day when he can cast off his nightmares of floggings in the penal colony and live the good life of an Englishman, with an educated gentleman for a son.
  4. Diem then crushed the rebels and Dan was arrested, tortured and sentenced to eight years of hard labour in the penal colony on Poulo Condore where the French had once imprisoned Vietnamese nationalists.
  5. "Kafka's " In the Penal Colony ", his play on'vermin'and annihilation in " The Metamorphosis " were actualized shortly after his death.
  6. It's difficult to find in the penal colony in a sentence.
  7. And to really impress your teacher read the all time classic " In the Penal Colony " Franz Kafka . short story .-- GangofOne 03 : 42, 21 February 2006 ( UTC)
  8. They had 380 students and student-sympathisers arrested on the evening of 12 May, in order to be imprisoned in the penal colony on, a small island to the north of Madagascar.
  9. These will be followed by " In the Penal Colony, " a music-theater work by Philip Glass based on Kafka's story, which will run in June and July.
  10. Although it presents one of his most frightening tales, " In the Penal Colony, " unfolding on an African prison island in 1907, it offers a message that is chillingly timeless.
  11. His desertion after the Battle of Verdun, his capture and his life in the penal colony of Cayenne until the War Resisters'International succeeded to shorten his sentence and once obtained he went back to France.
  12. Along with being set within an island colony, the first episode is named " The Penal Colony " after the story, and a file found within the game contains an excerpt from " In the Penal Colony ."
  13. And ACT _ the letters stand for A Contemporary Theater _ is soon to present a new Philip Glass opera, " In the Penal Colony, " based on a Kafka story, with sets by John Conklin.
  14. "In the Penal Colony, " one of the few stories Kafka published in his lifetime, is less than 25 pages long, yet it is so disturbing that some readers cannot finish it in a single sitting.
  15. He wrote, " There were times I felt that I saw before me the extreme limits of man's degradation . " He was particularly moved by the plight of the children living in the penal colony with their parents.
  16. In Haruki Murakami's novel " Kafka on the Shore " the protagonist, a boy who calls himself Kafka, admits that " In the Penal Colony " is his favorite of Franz Kafka's short stories.
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