in the pen in a sentence

"in the pen" in Chinese  
  1. We had to get in the pen and basically play football against a ram.
  2. The Sox were a little strapped in the pen and Jimy needed an out.
  3. Mercker joked . " I know in Atlanta they kept me in the pen.
  4. We never became friends, which is good : He wound up in the pen.
  5. The short men in the pen are Dennis Eckersley, Tom Gordon, and Jim Corsi.
  6. It's difficult to find in the pen in a sentence.
  7. There were 12 piglets and a sow in the pen.
  8. I don't see where Perez can do that much for me in the pen.
  9. There are several in the pen holder on your desk.
  10. He also won honorable mention in the PEN American Center 2008 Prison Writing contest.
  11. Not only are there more animals in the pens, but they are also heavier.
  12. They knew Alan Embree was an option in the pen.
  13. I know the guys in the pen have been getting their butts worked off,
  14. Please help me with this as I have some important documents in the pen drive.
  15. Davey likes to have two lefties in the pen.
  16. He has no lefty in the pen he can count on . ( Felix Heredia?
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