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"in the pay of" meaning  "in the pay of" in Chinese  
  1. She's also a highly skilled hit woman in the pay of Russian mafia kingpin Sergei Krupatin.
  2. In Turks in the pay of the British.
  3. Peake is first heard of professionally in 1576 in the pay of the Belvoir in the 1590s.
  4. Mann was a rent-collector for the Dean of Westminster and was in the pay of Westminster Abbey.
  5. For example, some violence during labor disputes is caused by agents in the pay of the state.
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  7. The defeat was so bad, the Russians accused Weyrother of being in the pay of the French.
  8. He was the classic mole : a CIA employee secretly in the pay of the Soviet Union.
  9. In fact he was a spy in the pay of Russia, who had blackmailed him over his homosexuality.
  10. He also admitted to being a Pinkerton agent, and to being in the pay of the Mine Owners'Association.
  11. It was alleged by some sources that Hou Sheng was in the pay of the state of Qin.
  12. Oddly, within a year, a Norman garrison would be stationed at Troia in the pay of the Byzantine Empire.
  13. Bardolfo and Pistola, now in the pay of Ford, enter and pretend to beg for forgiveness for past transgressions.
  14. What I can tell you is the judge will most likely be in the pay of the revisionist conspiricy.
  15. The Constitutional Court on Tuesday invalidated Socialst-sponsored legislation that would have put judges in the pay of the government.
  16. Sturm is said to have been in the pay of Francis I of France, but this seems very unlikely.
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