in special in a sentence

"in special" meaning  "in special" in Chinese  
  1. I would have been in special session probably two weeks ago,
  2. The qualifications could be gained in special tournaments on Magic Online.
  3. Speakers will be situated in special hospital pillows on the beds.
  4. He then quickly reverted himself in Special : Diff / 627955970.
  5. Another caveat : This method requires an investment in special equipment.
  6. It's difficult to find in special in a sentence.
  7. We put ( eucalyptus ) branches on it in special ceremonies.
  8. Modern Amarone is produced in special drying chambers under controlled conditions.
  9. Whale is served in special restaurants where the markup is considerable.
  10. She visits children with cancer and participates in Special Olympic events.
  11. A GolfWatch badge lets people zip through galleries in special lanes.
  12. In special ed, there are dual concepts of support versus normalization,
  13. This year, the company had $ 7 million in special charges.
  14. The school was placed in special measures by OfSTED in 2010.
  15. There are also specially designed uniforms for personnel in special services.
  16. Lagrangian mechanics can be formulated in special relativity and general relativity.
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