in shifts in a sentence

"in shifts" in Chinese  
  1. But they work in shifts, so only a few were there that night.
  2. Rescue officials said they would work continuously, using crews in shifts.
  3. At least 70 rescuers had worked in shifts around the clock, Xinhua said.
  4. The filmmakers learned to keep odd hours because the family lived in shifts.
  5. Because of the cold and rain, the family camped in shifts Friday night.
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  7. In shift work, a schedule usually employs a recurring shift plan.
  8. About 1, 500 employees will be working in shifts until the hurricane passes.
  9. To sumptuous turkey-and-trimmings dinners consumed in shifts by the extended family.
  10. The volunteer group meets monthly and works in shifts during the actual event.
  11. The adults relay one another in shifts of about 90 minutes.
  12. They worked in shifts right up through the dwindling days of Clinton's presidency.
  13. Her family sat by her side around the clock in shifts.
  14. Some 60 counters are here, working in shifts of about 25.
  15. The sit-in lasted four days, with students working in shifts.
  16. Working in shifts allowed women to maintain their primary occupations.
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