in shifts in a sentence

"in shifts" in Chinese  
  1. About a dozen interrogators carried out the torture in shifts, they said.
  2. For several years, the couple slept in shifts to protect their home.
  3. They carried both dead girls up and down the trails in shifts.
  4. The current frozen values of the slave are stored in Shift registers.
  5. In hostels, they sleep 15 or 20 to a room, in shifts.
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  7. Inside the tunnel, rescue officials were working nonstop, using crews in shifts.
  8. Twenty doctors worked in shifts around the clock to separate the girls.
  9. Gingrich meets with the freshmen class in shifts-- about 15 a week.
  10. Members were to work in shifts, fielding inquiries from reporters and the public.
  11. A later review found minimal evidence for efficacy in shift work.
  12. Conditions are generally dismal, with disease rampant and inmates sometimes sleeping in shifts.
  13. Syn, sporting a day-old stubble, and his colleagues work in shifts.
  14. Prisoners say they don't have enough to eat and must sleep in shifts.
  15. Her family sat by her side aound the clock in shifts.
  16. Mrs . Begay sent us into separate shower stalls in shifts of four.
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