in round figures meaning

  "in round figures" in a sentence
  • [American idiom]
    as an estimated number; a figure that has been rounded off.
    Please tell me in round numbers what it'll cost.
    I don't need the exact amount. Just give it to me in round figures.

  • [American slang]
    Go to in round numbers.


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  1. "The new logo does have a component of it which is the driving ( force ) of a very susbtantial marketing program, worth in round figures about a billion dollars in turnover, " he said.
  2. The financial consequences of the venture were even more depressing : in round figures the total expenditure on the railway, after all adjustments had been made, amounted to �865, 000, or approximately �45, 000 for each mile of track.
  3. The withdrawal of wine on permit from bonded warehouses for sacramental purposes amounted in round figures to 2, 139, 000 gallons in the fiscal year 1922; 2, 503, 500 gallons in 1923; and 2, 944, 700 gallons in 1924.
  4. In round figures, the daily fresh food consumption by Hong Kong s population of more than six million is 890 tonnes of rice, 1, 700 tonnes of vegetables, 5, 910 head of pigs, 120 head of cattle and 170 tonnes of poultry.
  5. In the process it produces 28 MJ / kg of energy-so if coal-fired power stations were 100 % efficient ( which they most certainly aren't ) then in round figures, it would produce about 7 MWhrs per ton of CO2 emitted.

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