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"in reverence" in Chinese  
  1. Seeing Bhishma lying on such a bed of arrows humbled even the gods who watched from the heavens in reverence.
  2. In reverence, local scholars refer to Manthani as " Mantrapuri " ( the town of hymns ).
  3. He was held in reverence by the best men of the time as " the holy man of God ."
  4. The Tso Moriri Lake below it is also held in reverence, and considered equally sacred by the local people.
  5. He has been seen with teary eyes in reverence at the summercamp s lowering of the flag in the evening.
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  7. It is saturated in reverence, and books are stacked to the ceiling on rich mahogany shelves, many behind glass.
  8. When a Ferengi prays or bows in reverence, he holds his hands in a bowl shape with his wrists together.
  9. In reverence for Agastya, the Vindhya lowered its height and promised not to grow until Agastya returned to the north.
  10. He tried to live with a respect to the Mother Earth, in reverence to his appreciation of Native American beliefs.
  11. But even more often than Republicans invoke Clinton's image, they'll use Coverdell's name in reverence.
  12. When the Fellowship of the Ring came to Lothl髍ien, Aragorn remembered their earlier meeting and paused in reverence on Cerin Amroth.
  13. The Rangers now wear tan berets in reverence to the buckskins worn by Rogers'Rangers during the French and Indian War.
  14. If I don't hold W-I in reverence, it's because there isn't any reason to.
  15. For a man whose name is uttered in reverence or in rage millions of time daily, Jesus is without question a mystery.
  16. The High Church party in England had induced Vere to dismiss him from the chaplaincy; but he was still held in reverence.
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