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  • 回报;付给
  • 回答
  • 做为报答
  • 作为…回报,作为交换
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  • return:    vi. 1.回转,回来,回去,返回, ...
  • in return for:    作为...的交换;作为...的报答; ...
  • in return to:    对……报答
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  1. And that in return he should purr, and be sleek and graceful .
  2. He was always ready to help others , in return , he was liked by everyone .
  3. He who wished to avenge injuries by hating in return does indeed live miserably .
  4. "how can i regret when what i did was inevitable?" asked cronshaw in return .
  5. He cheerfully abandoned the plan in return for british support for the league of nations .

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