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"in return to" in Chinese  
  1. Defense attorney Frank DeSalvo said prosecutors agreed in return to drop charges against three people indicted in the case.
  2. It's a way for people to directly support small organic farms, and in return to receive healthy, savory produce.
  3. The foreign states received gifts in return to build tributary relationships between the Ming Dynasty and the foreign kingdoms.
  4. When Milly asks Shep what's wrong, he asks her in return to never talk about the Wheelers ever again.
  5. After, air to ground small arms fire in return to enemy attacks, one helicopter landed and dispatched the team.
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  7. He obtained seeds from other countries and sent collections in return to Kew and the United States of America.
  8. The British government offered a unilateral agreement in return to guarantee sterling balances at a new slightly higher rate.
  9. Eurystheus begged Hercules to return Cerberus to the Underworld, offering in return to release him from any further labours.
  10. During his forty plus career, Randolph performed in hundreds of venues alongside many artists in Return to Sender ".
  11. Union officials agreed in return to hold off on any demonstrations while the two sides hold further negotiations next week.
  12. In return to these events, the Russians marched towards Calafat and unsuccessfully engaged the Turks at the end of December.
  13. Stroh said so far there's been no indication that Elway plans to donate anything in return to his alma mater.
  14. This thievery is in return to " protect his grandchildren " by stopping the construction of an unnamed religious site.
  15. Give your baby the chance to smile in return to your smile, to stick his tongue out after you do.
  16. Castro said he's willing but wants in return to include a suspension of the U . S . embargo of Cuba.
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