in return to in a sentence

"in return to" in Chinese  
  1. Barely in return to Laudun, combat companies were seen redispatched to new theatres of combat operations.
  2. In the past few years, Green Mountain Power has lagged even the sluggish in return to shareholders.
  3. The question is whether this time, it will get enough in return to warrant staying the course.
  4. I would like to clarify that the government will offer new land in return to those farmers,
  5. Peter Pan is making a comeback after 49 years in Return to Never Land, which opened Friday.
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  7. AAPT focus on the Australian Business and Wholesale market has resulted in return to its core strengths.
  8. She promises not to reveal the secret, but asks Flavia in return to investigate a mystery in Samos.
  9. Bogle continues to harangue the industry about cutting management fees and delivering more in returns to the shareholder.
  10. But you have to respect the fact that he had some things to say in return to Shaq.
  11. In 1840 he made a second trip to Italy and again exhibited his work in return to France.
  12. She urges him to bring his siblings to her castle, promising in return to make him her heir.
  13. Taiwan has promised in return to provide development assistance to Paraguay and encourage its businesses to invest there.
  14. I am offering in return to compromise on two lines : those on Little Britain, and Coronation Street.
  15. He underwent the operation and the recuperation process but his obsession in return to football accelerated his recovery.
  16. It was used by mythology, and fans used it in return to show their enthusiasm for the band.
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