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Pronunciation:   "in return to" in a sentence
  • 对……报答
  • return:    vi. 1.回转,回来,回去,返回, ...
  • in return:    回报;付给; 回答; 做为报答; 作 ...
  • in return for:    作为...的交换;作为...的报答; ...
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  1. Of the number of employees in various government departments who were injured at work or suffered from occupational diseases in each of the past three years , and details of the existing measures to assist them in returning to work ; and
  2. Additionally , there has been a dramatic increase in returns to education of male and female labor force , the return to education of female was consistently higher than male
  3. Whether csb will formulate , next year or in the near future , policies , pledges and administrative guidelines to assist civil servants in returning to work after recovery from injuries ; if it will , of the details ; if not , the reasons for that
  4. Equally importantly , insofar as sima qian had restored to life an array of remarkable men and women from the central states , he lived in the pious hope that these especially potent spirits among the civilized dead would choose in return to confer benefits on sima qian and his family as long as the shiji continued to be read
  5. Now , then , franz , when , for services so promptly and unhesitatingly rendered , he but asks me in return to do for him what is done daily for any russian prince or italian nobleman who may pass through paris - merely to introduce him into society - would you have me refuse

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