in return for in a sentence

"in return for" meaning  "in return for" in Chinese  
  1. Syria wants Israel to return Golan Heights in return for peace.
  2. Carson offers pardon to the angan in return for faithful service.
  3. The boy would get $ 50 in return for the service.
  4. This man renounces Christ in return for marriage to the daughter.
  5. These constrained royal power in return for financial and military support.
  6. It's difficult to find in return for in a sentence.
  7. What do you get in return for what you give up?
  8. Sponsors pay the rest in return for advertising on the bikes.
  9. Mona spares Rushdi from any charges in return for their divorce.
  10. Adamson agreed to testify again in return for his original sentence.
  11. The trust has bonds to investors in return for financial contributions.
  12. Members are volunteering to hear messages in return for tangible value.
  13. Ash expects a pitcher in return for any deal involving Clemens.
  14. In return for high yields, investors are taking a bigger risk.
  15. Brahmachari promises to unite her with Ravi in return for money.
  16. The Safavids offered them land and money in return for loyalty.
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