in return for in a sentence

"in return for" meaning  "in return for" in Chinese  
  1. She bombarded Vajpayee with demands in return for continuing her support.
  2. Lewinsky would provide in return for the immunity she is seeking.
  3. Unwisely Charlemagne released Grimoald in return for an oath of loyalty.
  4. It prays for them in return for their tender loving care.
  5. You will have that support in return for this delightful meal,
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  7. And what did the Chicagoans get in return for their money?
  8. They claimed police were demanding bribes in return for hiring them.
  9. In return for receiving federal money, both agreed to spending limits.
  10. The three brothers performed on board in return for their passage.
  11. The charges were withdrawn in return for the claims being reduced.
  12. Officials also are barred from promising benefits in return for donations.
  13. Marcia gives Sally a KeepSafe Charm in return for her thanks.
  14. Enron garnered most of the money in return for uncollateralized IOUs.
  15. The union wants those sanctions lifted in return for some compensation.
  16. Rangers general manager Doug Melvin wants pitching in return for Canseco.
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