in return for in a sentence

"in return for" meaning  "in return for" in Chinese  
  1. They were offered large sums of money in return for assassinating me.
  2. Thirteen newspapers demanded money in return for running articles about the store.
  3. Hendrick insisted that he never received anything in return for his generosity.
  4. They asked to be pardoned in return for cleaning up the place.
  5. Workfare programs require welfare recipients to work in return for their benefits.
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  7. Syria has demanded Israel cede the Golan Heights in return for peace.
  8. bookmaker who gave him money in return for answering routine questions about
  9. Now CRA is promising workers more money in return for more productivity.
  10. The IMF demanded reforms in return for loans of dlrs 43 billion.
  11. The Expos want inexpensive young players and prospects in return for either.
  12. It is the very land Palestinians demand in return for peace.
  13. He offers the Saint a bribe in return for his freedom.
  14. Be lavish with treats and affection in return for passive behavior.
  15. In return for Eisley, the Mavericks received point guard Muggsy Bogues.
  16. In return for getting Democrats elected, Sweeney will be expecting favors.
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