in return for this in a sentence

"in return for this" in Chinese  
  1. In return for this payment the Greenwood brothers were permitted to cultivate near their homestead at Purau, and to graze their stock on the surrounding hills.
  2. In return for this, we get a bad article, which even it was any good it very marginally notable ( not even that IMO ).
  3. After years of skirmishes, Netherlands agreed in the treaty to cede New Amsterdam _ now Manhattan _ to the English in return for this South American country.
  4. In return for this future payment, the investor agrees to pay the issuer a set amount of money either as a lump sum or in periodic installments.
  5. In return for this finance, the aldermen and merchants of London were granted a degree of autonomy which resulted in the creation of the post of Mayor.
  6. It's difficult to find in return for this in a sentence.
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