in return for this in a sentence

"in return for this" in Chinese  
  1. In return for this payment, Louis agreed he had never been the legitimate king of England.
  2. In return for this protectorate status, the Litunga gave the BSAC mineral exploration rights in Barotseland.
  3. In return for this help, Chhatrasal bequeathed one third of his dominion to the Maratha Chieftain.
  4. In return for this protection, the ants benefit by feeding off an excretion known as honeydew.
  5. Moreover, South Korea has agreed to further open its markets in return for this latest cash infusion.
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  7. "You'll have my support in return for this delightful ( meal ),"
  8. All he asks in return for this information is for Tabitha and his child to be looked after.
  9. The remaining question is : What can the tax-paying public expect in return for this huge concession?
  10. In return for this service the Cossacks received from the state considerable grants of land for each voisko separately.
  11. In return for this support he secured funding for projects in his constituency and chairmanship of the Environment committee.
  12. In return for this slight, Duke Zhuang refused to go to the capital to meet with King Huan.
  13. In return for this favor, Kieft granted van der Donck on the mainland north of Manhattan in 1646.
  14. In return for this, Zoe tells the court that Chris framed Charity for murder and she is freed.
  15. We don't ask anything in return for this bevy of information, save a modicum of respect.
  16. In return for this contribution, the Prime Minister of Newfoundland was appointed to Britain's House of Lords.
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